Social Media

Social media is an important part of content reach and if you’d like to mention my social channels in a story, please follow the guide below.

Facebook – @PaulMaric

Twitter – @PaulMaric

Instagram – @PaulMaric


To mention Paul Maric on Facebook, it’s important to mention the correct page. Paul’s public profile is visible to the public and contains the latest news and stories that feature Paul.


When writing a post, ensure you tag @PaulMaric (no spaces). This allows your audience to find and follow Paul and it allows Paul to then share content that he is tagged in.

Example: Today we spoke with @PaulMaric about the cost of vehicle ownership, here’s what he had to say…

If you mention Paul as part of his role as a motoring journalist, please include a tag for This can be done by tagging @CarAdvice.



Tagging Paul on Twitter is just as easy. By mentioning Paul on Twitter (Paul’s Twitter handle is @PaulMaric), he will be able to retweet your content to his audience to further increase reach.

Similarly, you can tag CarAdvice under Paul’s capacity as a motoring journalist to further this reach with the handle @Car_Advice.

Example: It’s the most expensive SUV on the market and @PaulMaric has driven it. Read the review at @Car_Advice here…


Instagram is a slightly different beast to Facebook and Twitter. There are two ways to tag on Instagram — the first is to tag in the photo and the second is to mention a user in the post.

To effectively push content out and have it networked through Paul’s channels, mention @PaulMaric in the photo tag and in the post.

Likewise, if you are mentioning Paul under his capacity as a motoring journalist, be sure to include @CarAdvice in your mentions.

Example: There’s nothing like a convertible! @PaulMaric gets behind the wheel of the latest BMW 4 Series. Catch the full review at @caradvice…