G’day and welcome to my corner of the internet. Self written ‘about me’ pages are often very self indulgent. In a bid to not come off as self indulgent, I’ll keep this short, simple and glamour free. I’m Paul Maric, an Australian automotive journalist, or car reviewer, based in Melbourne.

You are probably visiting this website to find out more about what I do, who I am or how to contact me to provide media comment. The website is divided into two sections that should be able to help with what you’re looking for!

By the way, I’ve launched a new site with the founders of CarAdvice.com. Check out CarExpert here, or the channel trailer here.


While it sounds cliche, I grew up with 98RON fuel flowing freely through my veins and admittedly, which male teenager worth their name didn’t? In keeping with that theme, for over a decade I have been writing about and shooting video on cars in a professional capacity and I’m still loving every single minute of it!

Media Commentary

As one of Australia’s most read automotive publications, CarExpert can offer media comment on a range of automotive topics from new vehicles through to automotive legislation and road safety. This industry knowledge is bolstered by a mix of tertiary qualifications that lend credibility to technical explanations.