I grew up with 98RON fuel flowing freely through my body, and admittedly, which male teenager worth their name didn’t?

The difference between me and the rest of the crowd was that at age 17, my first automotive website was created. Age 18 saw my first road test vehicle, loaned by a reluctant Mitsubishi. It was a tosser…well, that’s the Spanish translation of the word, it’s more commonly known as the Pajero.

Paul Maric in the Volkswagen Amarok Core, competing in the Volkswagen Spirit of Amarok Challenge

Paul Maric competing in the Volkswagen Spirit of Amarok Challenge

Several years later, my website was sold to one of Australia’s leading automotive publications,

Since then, I have written for numerous other publications, including several weekly and daily newspapers, motoring magazines, websites and more recently, motoring reviews on the radio.

One of my most treasured moments was getting behind the wheel of and driving the world’s fastest car (well, it was at the time) – the Bugatti Veyron. As the youngest member of the media in the world to set foot on the pedals of the colossally fast German, I was most certainly terrified. The experience was invaluable and certainly one that I have treasured.

Paul Maric — Motoring Journalist road testing the Bugatti Veyron.

Paul Maric road testing the Bugatti Veyron in France.

The writing style I aim for targets average punters and speaks to the values and characteristics of the car. A Nissan Patrol buyer doesn’t want to know about handling, or how easy the car is to park, likewise a Ford Fiesta driver doesn’t need to know about off-road ability or top-speed records.

My industry experience is also bolstered with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Top 400 World Universities ranked Swinburne University, Melbourne.