My love for cars is mimicked closely by a love for travel. During my time in the motoring industry, I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the world chasing the latest stories.

This frequent travel eventually developed into an opportunity to document my travels and provide hotel and destination reviews to some of the same publications that take my motoring content.

ME Cabo, Los Cabos Mexico.

Reviewing the incredible and majestic ME Cabo in Los Cabos, Mexico.

The reviews I write try and focus on the whole user experience. A hotel isn’t just defined by the room you stay in, the whole experience needs to be taken into account. I always focus on customer service, cleanliness and will often chat with cleaners or other hotel staff to see what their views are on the way it’s all run.

During my time writing about travel destinations and hotels, I’ve had the chance to meet David Copperfield, eat at the most amazing restaurants and stay at some of the most exclusive hotels. As always, there’s no place like home. While I wouldn’t trade Melbourne for anywhere else in the world, it’s great to experience what the world has to offer and write about it at the same time.